Be Anxious for Nothing

Last week I had some lab work done and a CAT scan. My blood pressure was…well, lets just say it was very high. So high, the nurse took it again using my other arm! so much for being anxious for nothing!
Philippians 4:6-7 is a very familiar scripture verse, “Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all comprehension, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” I remind myself of this verse often.
You see, it’s time for my 2-year check since being diagnosed with stage 3 non-hodgekins lymphomia cancer. I will find out in a few days the results from the scan.
As I lay there on the table with a warm blanket over me at the cancer center in the section where the radiation and scans are on done, waiting as the table moves me in and out of the tube taking pictures of my body, I was reminiscing the very first time I had a scan done and wondering what the future was going to look like, even though I was putting my trust in God. Seems like it was yesterday and yet it had been 2 years. Finally… I had been waiting for this day since the first day I was told I had cancer.
I was remembering the past two years and the faithfulness of my God and what He had done for me. The prayers that had been prayed on my behalf, the support I had received from my dearest friends and church family. My husband had the duties of being a pastor, a business owner had stepped up and took of care of all the household duties that I normally did. I realized how faithful God had been to me, my family had been there to love me, and support me, as well as my church family.
So why exactly was I so anxious?? Because I am human! And we do that, don’t we, no matter how much we “trust” God, we have to continually fight that battle of the mind.  Sometimes our head gets in the way of our heart and what we “know.” I know that God is for me, that He loves me,  that He is always there and has the best for me. But sometimes, in our finite self, we allow doubt, worry and fear to creep in. The enemy of our soul is always feeding doubt and fear into us.
This year has come and gone, oh so quickly. As I look back I see the faithfulness of God. I see where I have failed and missed the mark. Yet His grace and mercy has stepped in and covered me.
I have had disappointments, setbacks, and heartache. And yet, my GOD is faithful. He has seen me through another year.
So as this year, 2017, comes to a close and I embark on a new year I will look to the faithfulness of the LORD. I will, with prayer and supplication and thanksgiving let my requests be made known to God and I will be anxious for nothing.
My prayer for you is the same! As you reflect of this past year, may you see the faithfulness of God and may you look to 2018 with renewed hope, letting go of the former and press on, trusting God, being anxious for nothing.
We have a new year ahead of us, my friend, a blank page to an unwritten book. Let God be the author of this new year and live full on for HIM.
May 2018 be an amazing Jesus filled year for each of us.