It’s the little things ~ They’re really BIG

Today I went on my first walk away from the house since I had cancer. Gosh, even saying “since I had cancer” still seams so surreal to me. I walked 3 miles. It’s the same route my daughter, Jenna, and I use to take when we were homeschooling. I loved those walks. Today was no different. 
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I was reminded of how much the Lord has blessed my family and me. I am so thankful that I am feeling back to my “old self”. And yet, I don’t want to be like my “old self”. Some where along the cancer journey, more of me died…which is a good thing!
I am not thankful for having cancer, but what I am thankful for is all that it taught me and what I have learned! You can be taught something but that doesn’t mean you truly have learned it. So I am applying what I have learned. 
I’m learning more than I realized that the little things really are the BIG things. I know we’ve all heard that before. But do we really comprehend that?
As I walked today, I was thanking the Lord for the ability to get out and walk. I have been so apprehensive to walk alone to far from the house in case I couldn’t make it back! I’ve done walking with my family, but someone has always been with me. Today I was reminded of those who could not get out and walk and  I prayed for them.  I prayed for those who are still suffering with the dreaded disease of cancer and other debilitating diseases.
It was wonderful to feel the sun on my face and the breeze refreshing me. I could hear the birds singing in one ear and Casting Crowns in the other! Interesting combination. 
Now don’t get me wrong, I have been walking on a treadmill and doing various exercises to help build up my bones and muscles from all the damage done by chemotherapy. But there’s something about getting outside and walking in the splendor of what our amazing God has created, minus the sound of roofers hammering away or the lawn guys mowing! 
This week the Lord has answered some amazing prayers. Prayers that may seem little to someone else but are BIG to this mothers heart. 
God is into the little thingsā€”He KNOWS they are really the BIG things!
I want to encourage you today to remember the little things really are the BIG things. God is all around us doing amazing wonders, if we will only look and listen. 
I find myself pursuing the Lord more than I have in a really long time. I am finding as I pursue Him, He is right there to meet me. He loves me and He sees value in me and He sees worth in me. He loves me.
Here’s the deal my friend… He loves you, He sees value in you, He sees worth in you. Purse Him today and He will be right there with you. 
It’s a little thing that turns into a really BIG thing. 
Blessings my friend,