Superheroes Are All Around Us

Superheroes Are All Around Us. We Just need to open our eyes and see them.

As I opened the door the other night, I was surrounded by superheroes of all of shapes and sizes. I saw Captain America; standing next to him was the hulk. Peering behind the Hulk was Wonder Woman with Supergirl by her side. Coming up the walk was Batgirl and Spiderman. No, they had not all come to rescue me; they had come because they were hoping I had some really yummy candy to hand out. It was Halloween*.
These little superheroes turned and left as quickly as they came, leaving with big grins on their faces, sacks filled with candy and ready for the next adventure
As I watched them walk down the driveway my mind drifted to the word superheroes. I realized we have superheroes all around us. We each have them in our lives. I hope, anyway, you have at least one superhero who will come to your rescue when you call.
I knew I had people I could call on when I needed something. However, it came very apparent how many superheroes I really had in my life while going through cancer.
As soon as I had been diagnosed with cancer, my superheroes rose to action.
Jeff, my husband, began to research what steps we needed to take next. He called the elders of the church and anyone who wanted to participate in prayer at our house. He was very proactive to make sure I had the right supplements to take and healing foods to eat. We had made the prayerful decision to go through the chemo treatments because the cancer was growing rapidly and was aggressive. In order to help combat the damage the chemo was doing to my body we wanted to strengthen and ward off as much damage and side effects we could holistically.
Peggy, my friend whom we’ve done life together for over 30 years, each week updated our church body with a prayer letter updating everyone on what was happening with me. She gave prayer request as well as praise reports. We knew it was important to give thanks to the Lord for what He was doing and to acknowledge that. Peg is a registered nurse, who was quite vigilant to make sure no one came in contact with me who was sick! If I was able to come to church that weekend, she made sure anyone who had the slightest sniffle either stayed home or away from me! She would make everyone use hand sanitizer before they entered the building. We went through a lot of hand sanitizer!
Our son Adam encouraged me to follow through on attending a conference I had already committed to go to before I was diagnosed. The conference was held in Orlando, where he lives. He and our daughter-in-love, Jennifer, made a point to come and see me at the convention hotel and encouraged me to stay. I was beginning to lose my hair quite quickly and all I wanted to do was go home. I had just begun the chemo treatments and one of the medications made me very unsure, emotional and just not myself! But I knew if I left the enemy would have won a battle. It was good to see two loving encouraging faces that I could cling to if only for a couple of hours. It helped me to stay and their reassuring words that I had made the right decision to even come to the conference helped me finish out the week.
Our daughter, Jenna, flew in from Maryland where they were living at the time. She was the one when I came home from the conference cut and shaved the rest of my hair off. The oncologist had encouraged me to cut my shoulder length hair short, which I did cut, in anticipation of losing my hair.  But I was not truly prepared for a baldhead. That was a hard day.  She had women from church telling her they would shave their heads too in support of me. I said NO—no one was shaving their head!! I love my girls but I’m not so sure I’d shave my head for them! Just being honest, here.
Instead of shaved heads, Jenna came up with the idea of bracelets. So she ordered green bracelets (for lymphoma) for anyone who wanted to wear them in support of me. What a sweet blessing to see these bands on people’s writs.
Our grandson, Elliot wore one everyday. I was so touched when I saw a picture of a school function he was at and I spotted the bracelet on his wrist. In my mind it was easy for the girls to wear them: our daughter, daughter-in-love, our oldest granddaughter; but to see  our fourteen year old (at the time) grandson wearing it made this grandma’s heart melt.
I had people sending me cards and letters with such encouraging words. Some sent me books to read. I knew I had people holding me up in prayer. On days I was to weak to get out of bed I would get a text or card in the mail with words that were refreshing to this weary soul.
I would have people ask to come and sit with me while I went through chemo treatments. This was a full day commitment on their part. I appreicated that they came to sit with me. It made the time go by much quicker. These were people who had busy lives… an ER doctor, an attorney I worked with, family…they took time out of their day to sit with me.
Each one is a superhero. No they don’t bend steel with their hands. The breath coming out of their mouth can’t freeze you in your tracks or create a wall of ice. Their eyes don’t stream out beams of fire. None have a rope of truth or bracelets that bullets bounce off of.
They all have something much greater, much more powerful than any Marvel or DC comic superhero could ever have.
His name is Jesus. He gave each of us who have called on His name the Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit gives each one of us exactly what we need, when we need it.
Each one of us can be a super hero to those around us.
We can be that strength of steel when someone has been beaten down by life. We can be like a fresh spring breeze with words of comfort for someone who is grieving. We can speak truth in love when one can’t see for themselves, has taken a wrong turn or gotten off the path. Like a glass of cold water on a hot, humid day we can— just. be. there.  No words to say, no scripture to tell them…just be there for whatever they may need. Sometimes we just need to know we have someone in our corner.
Today, I encourage you to go out and be someone’s superhero. We all need a superhero in our life.
Who’s your superhero? Look around; they are there. You just need to open your eyes and see them.
Love you my friend,
*I can see some eyebrows rising on the whole Halloween deal. I’m not going to get into the debate of Halloween. I will just say when I open my door to these kids (and their parents), I show love and grace—not judgment. I choose to be light in the darkness—light dispels the darkness. Most of these people are my neighbors. I choose to show them love—not condemn them for celebrating a pagan holiday.